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Cacti In Cinder Block Planters

DIY Cinder block Projects: Beauty with a Simplicity

Talking about DIY projects, the use of cinder blocks is always genius idea. Many people choose these cinder blocks to the display their plants or other materials outdoors for several reasons. First, they are very affordable building materials. The solid shape can be a used as modern garden wall and … Read More →

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A Family Room That Allows You To Enjoy The Views Outdoor

Sensational Sheer Curtains in a Breezy Modern House

Once again, open floor plans and breezy modern interiors have gained popularity. No wonder if sheer curtains become more popular and sensational. This popularity cannot be separated with elegance offered. Other proponents factors for their hit a sheer curtain are sufficient privacy and unbated views that drives them to be … Read More →

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Deer Head Silhouette Fabric Wall Art

The Affordable DIY Fabric Wall Arts

If plain wall is too monotonous for you, then add a little touch will make any significant changes. Your monotonous walls will be more impressive and cheerful with the existence of wall art. However, hanging work art will run your dollars out. The followings are some creations of DIY wall … Read More →

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Modern Interior Inspired By Chinese Design

Oriental Touch of Chinese Garden Stools

These last few years, culture mixing is increasingly felt. It is shown by the adaptation of designs from various countries. Various elements have been recognized as a world culture. Therefore, the style of interior design also adopted the style of many other countries. One of them is the use of … Read More →

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Amazing Staircase Exudes Style And Opulence

Inspirational Modern Staircase Designs

Beautifying your home design can be done in various ways. One of ways is creating beautiful stairs with variety of styles. Iron staircase shows French or Mediterranean style, while wooden staircase Cap code style. The difference of the material used is not the matter of designing inspirational staircase. Creative, modern, … Read More →

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Grey White Washed Brick Backsplash

Bringing The Difference in The Kitchen by Having Brick Backsplash

When you come up with the idea of making your kitchen backsplash rustic and full of charm, it is essential for you to keep in mind that you may need to go beyond what you can find outside regarding the shapes, sizes, and textures available on the market. You may … Read More →