10 Wordle alternatives to keep you guessing all day

Let’s face it, guessing one word a day doesn’t cut it for most people. While this is part of what makes Wordle so popular, you may want some more alternatives to keep your brain busy through the rest of the day. Here are ten Wordle alternatives that can help you out with that.


Considered one of the most difficult versions of the viral game, Absurdle is just as hard as it sounds. The game requires you to guess one word at a time, but keeps changing the correct word after every chance. This depends on what green or yellow letters you grabbed in the previous chance.

For instance, if the word to guess is TIGER and you instead guess CRATE, Absurdle will note the correct letters, the T, R and E, and change the word from TIGER to something like STERN where the positions of the correct letter are now shuffled . Thankfully, the game does offer infinite chances.


Remember the relaxed nature of Wordle? Squabble throws that out the window, instead adding a battle royale twist to the game. Players now not only guess the right words with the help of colored boxes, but do it along with a hundred more players attempting to do the same.

Squabble adds battle royale to Wordle. (Express Photo)

The goal? To keep the health-bar as high as possible to beat your competition. Taking longer on chances decreases your health, while getting correct guesses increases it. This isn’t a version for the faint of heart as you will be on the edge of your seat throughout.


It is exactly what it sounds like. In WordleCup you play against competitors or against your friends and the goal is to not just guess a correct word but to beat your competition. You can customise the time of rounds, the length of the words (four to eight) and the number of rounds too.

Meanwhile, all other rules remain constant and you’re at the mercy of green and yellow letters to help get you to the right word before it’s too late.

Dordle and Quordle

If you want to solve multiple words together, you have Dordle that lets you guess two words at a time and Quordle, that lets you hunt for four words at once. However, you must solve Dordle and Quordle with the same letters, all being guessed at the same time.

wordle alternatives, best wordle alternatives, wordle like games, Dordle makes you solve two words at once with the same guess. (Express Photo)

Both Dordle and Quordle work with five letter words and while the former allows you to guess in seven chances, Quordle allows you nine chances.


For the globetrotter who wants to try Wordle in multiple languages, WordleGame is a site where you can play the popular game with a variety of settings. One of them is setting the length of words, which can be as small as four letters or as large as 11 letters. Another is the ability to choose your language.

WordleGame lets you play the classic puzzle in English-UK or English-US, along with many more languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and more. The rest of the rules remain same.

Wordle Unlimited

Wordle, but with no limits on the words, Wordle Unlimited lets you play on with a new word instead of waiting 24 hours for the next one. The game also has a few more neat features that include challenging your friends with a custom word.


Unlike other versions of the game, this one is not here to make your vocabulary better, and it isn’t for everyone either. Sweardle is Wordle but only with swear words, which you can still guess with the same green and yellow color codes. Sweardle, however, only has four-lettered words.

Reversle and Crosswordle

A full 180 on the original game, Reversal gives you the solution right away, and instead asks you to get the previous guesses right. The game shows you a number of empty gray, yellow and green squares and players must fill in words according to the previous guesses to arrive at the first guess from the last.

wordle alternatives, best wordle alternatives, wordle like games, Crosswordle makes you reverse-guess chances from the final answer. (Express Photo)

Crosswordle works with a similar premise but adds more challenge with some Sudoku elements and a timer on the bottom to add to the tension.


No, that isn’t a spelling mistake. Worldle is a country-based Wordle alternative that wants you to guess the right country every day. While you don’t get yellow and green squares here, you do get geographical hints like distance and direction from other countries that you guessed, along with a silhouette of the country’s shape.

BONUS: Star Wordle, Taylordle, BTS Wordle, Hogwartle and more

Wordle has made its way to popular culture and you can now also find dedicated Wordle games for Harry Potter fans, Taylor Swift fans and even Star Wars fans, among others. Here, you guess words from the particular TV series, movie series or artists’ songs. If you’re a fan of a popular show or artists, there may be a dedicated Wordle puzzle somewhere out there for you.


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