Walmart announces PS5 restock for tomorrow – here’s how to get your new-gen console

Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus is the only way to get access to tomorrow’s PS5 restock. This makes it worthy of a spin for those still chasing PS5 stock this year. At $ 13 a month, it’s not bad value, given its other benefits, but it’ll surely have paid for itself if it bags you the console. You can also go for the 15-day free trial to test it out first but remember: trial users won’t be able to gain early access to this PS5 restock.

After a long February, with very few PS5 restocks, Walmart has come in clutch at the end of the month. If you’re still searching for a PS5, you’re in luck as Walmart has confirmed that they will have stock available tomorrow, 24th February. This will be the first restock on PS5s from Walmart since mid-January.

However, this drop will be for paid Walmart Plus Subscribers only. Something we’ve suspected after their last fall was in a similar fashion. The restock PS5 items will be available on 24th February at 12pm ET, giving you plenty of time to prep. If you’re desperate for a PS5, you can still sign up for the paid subscription service; the free trial will be no good on this occasion.

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