We didn’t see too much of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance during his 2021 rookie campaign. He played just 178 offensive snaps, appearing in six games and starting two. It was a much smaller sample size than the four other first-round quarterbacks from last year’s draft class.

Despite the small sample size from the soon-to-be-second-year quarterback, ESPN’s Booger McFarland sounds very concerned about Lance — and possibly Kyle Shanahan’s and John Lynch’s jobs.

“Of all the rookie quarterbacks last year, I am the most concerned about Trey Lance, and that includes Justin Fields,” McFarland said on ESPN’s NFL Live (h / t Alek Arend of The Spun). “I just think, from an injury standpoint, he didn’t prove he can stay healthy. From a quarterback standpoint, I didn’t see enough to say, ‘You know what? We can build around X, Y, Z.’ “

The 49ers are expected to part ways with last year’s starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, ushering in the Lance era in Santa Clara. The 21-year-old player entered the NFL with limited experience, having started just 17 games during his collegiate career and playing in just one game in the 15 months leading to the draft.

San Francisco drafted Lance on potential, opting to sit the quarterback for most of the season, with Garoppolo serving as his mentor. While it was a development path that worked for the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, the decision was questioned by many.

Lance entered the season with a finger injury. In addition, he suffered a knee sprain during his first start. However, he wasn’t the only rookie quarterback who dealt with injuries this past season. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields dealt with a groin injury and cracked ribs. New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson missed four games because of a PCL sprain.

“I know Marcus [Spears] loves the athletic component, “McFarland continued.” He’s built physically, but those attributes got him hurt this year. I am terribly concerned about him, but if he doesn’t pan out, Kyle Shanahan and / or John Lynch won’t have a job because they went to Jed York and 49ers ownership and said, ‘Hey, this is our guy.’ So, he has to pan out. But I am truly, truly concerned about Trey Lance. ”

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